Bohempia aims to bring hemp back into the Czech textile business

Photo: Bohempia

A newly-established Czech firm is trying to bring hemp back into the Czech textile business. It produces T-shirts, socks, gloves and even sneakers out of hemp and is currently aiming to expand its line to hemp jeans.

Photo: Bohempia
Bohempia is the brainchild of textile machinery expert Tomáš Rohal. When he graduated textile companies were in decline –either closing down or moving east. A proponent of slow fashion, Rohal decided he would set up an entirely different business, environmentally friendly with a stamp of its own that could compete with cheap textile imports from the East because it offered added value. And he decided hemp was the secret to success.

Hemp was widely used in Czech textile manufacture up until the end of the 19th century, when it was replaced by cotton, so it is a return to our roots, Rohal told the ctk news agency. All of Bohempia’s products are made of hemp - T-shirts, socks, gloves, towels and even a hand-made line of hemp sneakers. According to Rohal, products made of hemp have strong anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties and are good thermo-regulators. Hemp absorbs UV rays and is moreover extremely durable. In the Middle Ages paper was made of hemp and it is still used in the production of banknotes to increase their durability.

The firm uses hemp yarn made in France, and the hemp cloth is woven here in the Czech Republic according to the firm’s specific requirements. T-shirts, socks and gloves come in all sizes and the production of sneakers is highly personalized. The customer can choose from a line of colours and soles. The shoes are hand-made, without the use of any skin hide, and fulfil strict orthopaedic norms.

Next the owner wants to expand the line to include dresses, bags and jackets. According to Rohal the products are perfect for shopaholics who love Nature and appreciate high quality. They are now sold via an e-shop and the firm also delivers to select stores around the country. Rohan’s dream is to one day export his products beyond Czech borders.