Bohemian and Moravian wines on offer at 27th annual wine festival in Vinohrady

The annual Vinohradské vinobraní festival is taking place in Prague 3 this Friday and Saturday. The event, which has a curated theme each year, is celebrating the wines of Bohemia and Moravia, highlighting the rich wine making history in Czechia. Just before it began, I spoke to one of the event’s coordinators, Jiří Hannich.

What’s to be expected this weekend at the wine festival?

Photo: Prague 3

“The festival is a very popular and traditional event in Prague 3. This year is the 27th anniversary of the festival, and every year we try and give the festival a theme. For example, last year it was an Austro-Hungarian monarchy theme, so wines from the former monarchy were presented. This year, we’re spotlighting wines from Bohemia and Moravia. We want to support domestic wine makers and show that we have something to be proud of in this area in the Czech Republic. There will be about 31 wineries at the event during both days on Friday and Saturday.”

Why is it important to showcase that Czech wine is something to be proud of, especially to those who maybe aren’t from Czechia and are just visiting or are foreigners living here?

“Wine making and drinking wine has a tradition in the Czech Republic, and also it’s connected with Vinohrady where the festival is. The name ‘Vinohrady’ roughly translates to royal vineyard, and it’s named this because the area used to be covered in vineyards dating back to the 14th century, so we like to remember this tradition through this event.”

Are there any wines in particular that you’re looking forward to trying this weekend?

“There will be 31 wineries, some smaller and some bigger ones, so I would recommend that everyone visits the website of Prague 3 and also check out the event Facebook page so they can learn about the wineries.”

Burčák season is around the corner here in Czechia. For those interested in sampling some, will it be available at the festival?

“Of course Burčák is super popular here in the Czech Republic, and every year we always have some for our visitors to sample at the festival, so they’ll be able to try some.”