BIS: Czech intelligence broke Russian intelligence network in 2018

Working in tandem with the National Centre for Combating Organised Crime, the Czech Security Information Service (BIS) uncovered and broke an intelligence network run by Russia’s FSB in the Czech Republic, BIS director Michal Koudelka told members of the lower house at a security conference on Monday. According to Colonel Koudelka the network was financed through Russian funds and its aim was to attack targets in the Czech Republic as well as neighbouring states through a variety of servers, which were part of a wider network used by the FSB.

Colonel Koudelka also warned parliamentarians about the threat of right-wing extremism in the country, saying that an anti-Muslim attack could lead to the radicalisation of the local Muslim community and increase the danger of Islamic terrorist attacks in the country, which the BIS sees as the most short-term security threat to the country.

Currently, there are no indications of a direct terrorist threat to the country, according to the BIS chief.

Author: Tom McEnchroe