Berndt Posselt hopes to see Benes decrees scrapped one day

It is entirely up to the Czech Republic whether it will see fit to scrap the post-war Benes decrees, the head of the Sudeten German Homeland Association (Sudeten German Landsmannschaft ), Berndt Posselt said on Friday on the eve of the association’s annual meeting. Mr. Posselt said that he personally hoped to see the decrees scrapped one day. The said decrees sanctioned the expulsion of Sudeten Germans and Hungarians from Czechoslovakia after World War II and the confiscation of their property.

The leader of the Czech Christian Democratic Party, Pavel Bělobrádek, will attend the meeting of the Sudeten German Landsmannschaft together with Culture Minister Daniel Herman. MPs from the Communist Party have criticized the decision describing it as a “provocation” at a time when Czechs will be marking the anniversary of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich and the atrocities that followed.