Benešová and Pavel Zeman defend SA Ištvan

Justice Minister Marie Benešová has refused to launch disciplinary proceedings against state attorneys Ivo Ištvan and Rostislav Bajger. This was suggested to her by former prime minister Petr Nečas, who feels that the corruption charges that the two attorneys brought against his former chief-of-staff Jana Nagyová and three former Civic Democratic MPs contradict the recent decision of the Supreme Court. The lawyers of one of the three former MPs has also asked the Highest State Attorney Pavel Zeman to supervise the work of Mr. Ištvan, who is the leading state attorney on the case. Mr. Zeman said that it is part of his job to review the case, but also told the press on Thursday that some politicians have gone too far in verbally attacking the state attorneys and police officers investigating in the corruption scandal that brought down Mr. Nečas’s government.

Author: Masha Volynsky