The beauty of Wallachian folklore

Moravian Wallachia

Wallachia, in the easternmost part of Moravia, is one of the few regions that has maintained its dialect, traditions, folk architecture and, of course, music to this day.

The traditional music of Moravian Wallachia is influenced by Lachian and Polish folk culture up north, and that of Slovakia to the south.

Photo: Indies Scope

Muziga is a music ensemble inspired by Czech and Moravian folklore. Its members have  been arranging, playing and singing folk songs together since the early 1990s. The group’s repertoire ranges from simple renditions of traditional folk songs to large projects with a jazz or symphony orchestra, performing what one would label world music. Muziga has performed in the USA, England, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria and Mexico.

Centuries-old folk songs are part of every culture and their power to move people to this day lies in  their depth and authenticity. The albums  O lásce and Zežali zvázali were inspired not only by the folk music of Moravian Wallachia but other regions of Moravia as well as by Czech folk poetry. They were produced by Czech violinist and singer Helena Vedralová together with the music group Muziga.