Battle over Little Mole cartoon character goes to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will consider an appeal over the licensing rights to the famous cartoon character Krteček, or the Little Mole, Czech Television reports.

The High Court in Prague had ruled in March that the granddaughter of Krteček’s creator, the late Zdeněk Miler, can no longer grant licenses to produce Little Mole collectibles.

Judges said that a contract Miler signed with her shortly before his death in 2011 was invalid and upheld an appeal by Milena Fischerová, who five years earlier had been authorised to administer Miler’s work.

Following her grandfather’s death, Karolína Milerová established the Little Mole Company, which competes against Fischerová. Meanwhile, other descendants of Miler’s are taking legal action to secure a share from the profits.

Author: Brian Kenety