Babiš slams Deutsche Welle report about Agrofert

Czech Prime Minister Andre Babiš has slammed a report by Deutsche Welle, which said foreign workers employed in a company linked to Mr Babiš work in very poor conditions. The report, which was published on Tuesday, also said the foreign workers arrived in the Czech Republic in terrible circumstances. The ANO party leader said the article was fabricated and full of lies.

The author of the report cited a Vietnamese, who used to work in the poultry factory Vodňanská drůbež in Mirovice, about 80 kilometres southwest of Prague, which belongs to the Agrofert Holding, founded by Andrej Babiš.

Mr Babiš turned Agrofert into trust funds in 2017 in order to comply with the conflict of interest law, but his critics say he is still in control since the trusts are managed by his family members and lawyers

Author: Ruth Fraňková