Babiš acquitted in Stork's Nest trial

The former prime minister and presidential candidate Andrej Babiš has been acquitted in the Stork's Nest case, along with his former adviser Jana Nagyová. The judge said it could not be proven that either of them had acted in a criminal manner.

Neither Mr. Babiš nor Ms. Nagyová were present for the reading of the verdict but were represented by their lawyers.

A man in the audience tried to disrupt the verdict by shouting that he had an objection and had to be escorted from the courtroom by guards.

Mr. Babiš was standing trial for manipulating ownership rights for the Stork’s Nest company, which was part of his multi-billion crown empire, so that it could meet EU grant conditions for a small and medium-sized business. The trial follows a seven-year investigation and is at the centre of media attention, especially in light of the fact that Mr. Babiš is one of the frontrunners in the presidential race.

Author: Anna Fodor