The Club for Old Prague brings together people with a love of old Prague. The group's main goal is to protect Prague's architectural heritage and qualities as a city. The Club for Old Prague has an illustrious history and has just celebrated its 102nd birthday. To find out more about its roots Alena Skodova spoke with one of its members, the architect Martin Krise:

Apparently the owners of many buildings try to get around the law and obtain permission for pulling their building down in order to obtain land for new entrepreneurial activities. Mr. Krise mentioned one example of this practice in Prague: Since the fall of Communism, a period which has seen a huge building boom in Prague, the Club for Old Prague has been closely watching developments in the city centre and has been assessing their integration into the existing fabric of the city - especially since 1992, when Prague's ancient centre was included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.