By: Dita Asiedu

Many of you, I'm sure, know what it's like to visit a country, or rather a big city and have only limited time to see all of its tourist attractions and enjoy its galleries and museums. Here in Prague, most tourists face the same dilemma - the city is full of places to go and one has trouble choosing from the numerous exhibitions available. Prague is one of the few cities in Central Europe that offers art from the classical Baroque style to the contemporary and controversial. The 10 centuries of architecture exhibition, for example, is enjoying grand popularity whilst Andres Serrano's rather graphic photographs of the morgue, body fluids and naked people received its own large number of visitors. One gallery that offers a great variety of exhibitions is the City Gallery Prague. This gallery, displays art from all around the world using over five spaces scattered around the city. I spoke to its management director, Vera Slukova, to find out more: I was speaking there to Vera Slukova, the management director of the City Gallery Prague, which by the way also has its own creative studios and offers guided tours of all of its exhibitions. So, if you happen to be in Prague or plan to visit the city sometime soon, visit the website for more information.

Sunday, September 23rd marked the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Jaroslav Seifert - one of the Czech Republic's most renowned poets and recipient of the Nobel Prize of Literature in 1984. In light of the anniversary, the past week has seen institutions all around the country pay tribute to Seifert and his work. In the Central Bohemian town of Kladno nad Vltavou, the town museum launched an exhibition of Seifert's poetry on Tuesday. The extensive collection was put together with the co-operation of the museum's staff, the institute of national literature in Prague and private collectors. The exhibition shall also hold photographs of the poet and his family. Furthermore, during the opening ceremony, a new collection of Seifert's poems was christened. The exhibition will end on November 11th and is part of the Seifert's Kralupy Literary 3-day festival which began in the town of Kralupy on Friday, September 21st. Jaroslav Seifert was born in the Zizkov district of Prague in 1901. Throughout his life, he produced 28 collections of poetry and 2 books. He died in 1986.