Around 30 percent of households may fall into poverty due to rising household expenses

Around 30 percent of Czech households may fall into poverty next year as a result of the sharp increase in energy prices and rising housing costs. Despite caps approved by the government, housing costs could account for up to 34 percent of their monthly income, according to an analysis by PAQ Research based on data from the Czech Statistics Office on household energy consumption. Households with children, or the poorer half of them, are expected to be hit the hardest. Calculations show that the number of families with children whose housing expenses will account for more than 30 percent of their income will increase. Currently, this affects 23 per cent of people, but after the New Year the proportion could rise to 31 per cent. A quarter of families will be left with less than CZK 3 000 per person a month, or CZK 100 per day, after paying for food and housing.