ANO leader Andrej Babiš says police move part of political battle to discredit him

ANO leader Andrej Babiš said he was surprised by the police move to seek the lifting of his parliamentary immunity. He said he had recently been told that he would just be treated as a witness in the so-call Stork’s Nest affair. Babiš added that the move was part of a political battle and attempt to discredit him and preventing him from standing in elections to the lower house scheduled for October. ANO deputy chairman Jaroslav Faltýnek said he would not prevent any moves to push ahead with the police investigation. He added that he had been expected to be treated as a witness as a former board member of the agro-chemical group Agrofert. He added he was being victimised by the police.

The lower house committee dealing with immunity issues is likely to meet on August 18. The first meeting of the lower house of parliament to deal with the issue is seen on September 5. The Stork’s Nest affair focuses of 50 million crowns in European funds for small and medium sized business claimed for a hotel and recreation centre linked to Andrej Babiš’ company Agrofert.

Author: Chris Johnstone