ANO and Christian Democrats outline options

ANO 2011 and the Christian Democrats released a joint- statement on Thursday saying that either they would enter a new government together or not at all. After their meeting, representatives from both also said that they shared many programme priorities; ANO’s Věra Jourová confirmed they shared common ground on around 80 percent. ANO 2011 and the Christian Democrats (who are returning to the lower house after a 3.5 year absence following last week’s elections), are waiting for the election winners the Social Democrats to establish a new negotiating team. They have, however, already met with party leader Bohuslav Sobotka, who survived calls from within his own party at the weekend to step down. ANO and the Christian Democrats have made clear there are three possible options moving forward: entering a coalition with the Social Democrats which would give them a 111-seat majority, staying in the opposition, or backing a minority Social Democrat government.

Author: Jan Velinger