Announcement of winner at Bohemia's famed festival imminent

This set of the film festival's promotional spot was transformed into a festival cafe

Radio Prague's Dita Asiedu is just finishing her stint of hanging out with movie buffs and actors - with the Karlovy Vary Film Festival reaching its climax tomorrow, we spoke to Dita earlier to get her views on what is tipped to snatch the best movie award.

This set of the film festival's promotional spot was transformed into a festival cafe
Ita Dungan: Dita, it is your last working day at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival and tomorrow is the announcement of the winners of the awards. Yesterday, you told us about "Andel Exit" the Czech film and "Hi Tereska" the Polish film - are there any other movies that are worth a mention?

Dita Asiedu: Yes, there are other movies that deserve a mention but before I move onto that, I have got to tell you that at the end of the day it really all comes down to what the jury thinks. The jury has members from all over the world who work in film, such as the very well respected Polish director Krzysztof Zanussi, or the director of the Czech movie "Divided We Fall", Jan Hrebejk and I should also mention the Bulgarian film critic Bojidar Manov. With such film professionals in the jury, there is going to be a more detailed, in-depth analysis of the quality of the films in the competition. This is something that the average audience perhaps does not appreciate.

Regarding the films in competition, there is "Amelie from Montmatre" directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet who shot "Alien Resurrection". The main character is Ameline who is a waitress in Paris and who led a normal, quiet life until she found a box in her apartment containing the former tenant's childhood belongings. She decides to return them and that is where her new life begins.

I haven't had a chance to see it myself but the daily Mlada Fronta Dnes is conducting several public opinion polls throughout the festival and "Amelie from Montmatre" got second place after the animated film "Shrek", which I saw and loved. It really has nothing to do with the festival; it was just an added bonus.

Back to the competition though, there is also the Danish/Swedish movie, "A Song for Martin" - a very powerful film about Alzheimer's. It is one of those films that make you walk out re-evaluating your life.