Anglers descend on Prague for the first ever fly fishing competition in the city centre

Preparations are in full swing for the first-ever international fly fishing competition which is to be held on the Vltava River in Prague this weekend. On Tuesday the Czech Anglers' Association released 10,000 rainbow trout and American brook trout into the river and some 200 anglers are expected to descend on Prague for the big event, which is held under the auspices of the Prague Town Hall and is expected to attract hundreds of tourists. Martin Grun is one of the organizers of Orvis Cup 2006:

Photo: CTK
"Yesterday we stocked the river with fresh trout - 10,000 fish whose average weight is about two pounds so there will be no lack of fish in the river."

I understand that the Czech Republic has some significant achievements in the field of fly fishing?

"Yes, this year was very successful for us because we won three medals at the 24th International Fly Fishing World Championship in Portugal. And you can all come and see our champions who will take part in this weekend's competition in Prague."

It is an international event so there will be anglers from other countries - how many do you expect?

"We invited around thirty from all over the world and we expect predominantly anglers from America, from France and from Ireland."

This is the first competition of its kind to take place on the Vltava River in Prague. Why is that? Why has nothing similar been organized in the past?

"Most likely because it is in the city centre. But we think it is a good place to hold it, because tourists can come and watch and see that fly fishing is not only about the fish - but about the sport in nice surroundings and about the unity of people and Nature."

The international fly fishing competition will take place on Saturday and Sunday between Manes and Novotneho lavka.