Alleged Russian hacker Nikulin extradited to US

The Czech Republic has extradited the alleged Russian hacker Yevgeniy Nikulin to the United States, the Czech Justice Ministry said on Friday. The ministry said Nikulin had already been flown out.

Justice Minister Robert Pelikan made the decision after the country's top court said it rejected a last-minute appeal from the Russian.

Russia, which had also filed for extradition, on the grounds of petty online theft ,expressed disappointment at the decision saying the Czech Republic had decided in favour of its ally rather than on legal grounds.

On the other hand, during a visit to the Czech Republic last week, U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan said that the case for extraditing Nikulin to America versus Russia was legally very clear since the country had filed for extredition first and the damage Nikulin allegedly caused in the US was far greater than that in Russia.