All smiles for top-selling Czech toothbrush producer

Photo: Curaprox

Swiss-made Curaprox toothbrushes have acquired a cult status among Czech consumers. The sales from the company’s Czech branch have more than doubled since 2012, the news site reported, citing the Swiss producer’s website. Overall use of toothbrushes has increased as well, up by just a tenth over the last year.

Photo: Curaprox
The Czech Republic is currently the company’s most successful market. It also sells well in Slovakia, Slovenia, Brazil, Germany and Switzerland itself.

In 2015, the company’s turnover in the Czech Republic exceeded 80.5 million crowns and this year they expect to increase its sales by another 600 thousand toothbrushes to six million items. The Curaprox brand appeared on the Czech market soon after the Velvet Revolution of 1989.

The current design of the toothbrush has been influenced by Czech dentist and emigrant Jiří Sedelmeyer, who worked at the university hospital in Hamburg. He later teamed up with Ueli Breitschmid, a Swiss producer of dental hygiene tools, who has been in charge of the company since 1966. The Curaprox brand was established in 1972.

The bestselling Curaprox product in the Czech Republic is the ultra-soft manual toothbrush Curaprox CS 5460, which currently makes up 56 percent of the overall sales of the brand in the country.

According to the Swiss manufacturer, the ultra-soft Curaprox model has achieved a cult status with Czech consumers.

The overall sale of toothbrushes in the Czech Republic has increased by 9.4 percent over the period from September 2015 to August 2016. Czechs have bought some 16.3 million toothbrushes since last September.

According to Šimon Halamásek from the Nielsen agency, the consumption of interdental brushed has jumped by nearly a third year-on-year.

He also said Czechs prefer softer toothbrushes, which made up nearly 50 percent of all toothbrushes sold in the country over the past twelve months.

Curaprox toothbrushes were originally available only in dentists’ offices and pharmacies, but the growing demand pushed the brand to offer their products in drugstores and supermarkets.