All 2.4 TWh of gas purchased by government now stored in Czech gas tanks

All 2.4 TWh of the gas that was purchased by the State Material Reserves Administration (SSHR) upon an order by the Czech government is now stored in the country’s gas tanks, SSHR Chairman Pavel Švagr announced on Saturday. This means that the country’s gas reserves are now filled up at two thirds of total capacity. The cost of the purchase, including VAT, transport and storage for the next 11 months, was CZK 8.5 billion.

The gas was bought in order to increase the energy security of the country, Mr Švagr said. In June, the Czech government approved further purchases of 75,000 tons worth of gas reserves that will be stored by the SSHR. CZK 1.2 billion have been allocated for the purchase.

Author: Tom McEnchroe