Aktuálně.cz: Draft ministry report warns against Chinese propaganda surrounding Covid-19

A draft Ministry of Foreign Affairs report warns that China kept information about Covid-19 secret and is attempting to divide the West and gain dominance, Aktuálně.cz wrote on Tuesday, saying it had acquired the complete text of the study.

The news site said the report looking at how the coronavirus was changing the world had been commissioned by the Czech minister of foreign affairs, Tomáš Petříček.

The text, which may be amended, states that China initially denied the existence of an epidemic and persecuted whistleblowers, sells rather than donates medical supplies, some of which are of doubtful quality, and is demonstrably employing propaganda.

The report says that China is attempting to use the fact the epidemic has peaked there to boost its international position, promote its system of governance and crisis readiness and reinforce a narrative of Western inability to cope with Covid-19, Aktuálně.cz wrote.

Author: Ian Willoughby