Air quality at Prague crossroads of Sokolská/Ječná among worst in Czechia

The Prague intersection of Sokolská and Ječná streets in the city centre has one of the highest pollution levels in the Czech Republic, according to the Centre for Environment and Health (CpŽPZ).

The Centre took readings of nitrogen dioxide values at 200 locations in a total of nine regional capitals. The intersection at Sokolská and Ječná streets had among the top 18 highest levels in the country, Centre co-founder and chairman Miroslav Šuta told journalists.

Nitrogen dioxide is generated in the combustion processes of coal, wood, natural gas, benzene and diesel.

Other sites in Prague with exceptional high levels include the openings to the Blanka tunnel complex in Dejvice, and the Vychovatelna chateau in Libeň, and at the Central Bohemian Regional Authority in Smíchov.

Author: Brian Kenety