Additional subsidies planned for electronic vehicles, charging stations

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has launched a further round of subsidies to support the development and purchase of electronic vehicles and charging stations to reduce C02 emissions.

It offers entrepreneurs up to 200 million crowns from EU funds for the purchase of electric cars and the purchase of non-public recharging stations. Applicant can ask for money until May 2019. Subsidies range from 50,000 to 10 million crowns.

In the Czech Republic, there are currently 178 public pay stations. The government aims to have some 800 charging stations nationwide within five years. Their construction is being supported by Ministry of Transport subsidies.

EU lawmakers in October hammered out a deal to cut vehicle emissions 35 percent by 2030 in a bid to fight climate change and pollution.

The EU also agreed to offer incentives for manufacturers to sell zero- and low-emission cars in markets such as the Czech Republic where the current sale of such vehicles is below 60 percent of the EU average.

Author: Brian Kenety