Activists place naked Putin effigy outside Russian embassy in Prague

A group of activists from the group Kaputin placed an effigy of Vladimir Putin, naked and seated on a gold toilet, outside the Russian embassy in Prague on Friday. They said it was to protest the imprisonment of opposition figure Alexei Navalny, aggression against Ukraine, and human rights violations under the Russian president.

According to a ČTK correspondent, as some activists hung gold toilet brushes on the embassy fence facing Boris Nemtsov Square and placed the Putin effigy with the inscription “Naked Killer”, others held banners reading “Putin's hands off Ukraine” and “Free Navalny”. About 30 people took part in the Friday afternoon protest, which was broken up by police.

Kaputin said that the gold toilet alluded to the lavish Black Sea residence reputedly owned by Putin, as claimed by Navalny's Anti-Corruption Fund, and was a perfect symbol of corruption in Russia, a state where 13 percent of residents do not have a private toilet.

Author: Brian Kenety