About this series


In this series of short programmes about the Czech language we aim to introduce you to some aspects of modern Czech. However this is not a language course. Instead we hope to give you some light-hearted insights into what makes the language special. In each episode we look at one feature of the language: for example different aspects of Czech slang. Did you know that Czechs call a million crowns a "melon" or that a "fiver" or "petka" means ten crowns? Why do Czechs greet one another with the seafarer's greeting "Ahoj", even though this is a landlocked country? And do you know why Czechs call Margaret Thatcher "Thatcherova" or Monica Lewinsky "Lewinska"? And how about foreign words in the Czech language? - a favourite Czech oath is "Himmelherrgott", a survival from the days of Austrian rule, and there's a new verb in the language "emailovat". You can probably guess what it means...

Tune in regularly to Radio Prague to find out the answers to some of these questions and many more, or look at our regular updates on our website.