A quarter million files in the Panama Papers leak Czech-related, according to Czech Radio

Czech Radio reports that 283 Czechs are among those named in the Panama Papers – an unprecedented leak of more than 11 million files (2.6 terabytes) from the database of Mossack Fonseca, the world’s fourth largest offshore law firm. According to the broadcaster, 250,000 files are Czech-related. The data leak, the Guardian reported, appeared to reveal how secretive offshore tax regimes can be exploited. Connections have been found to top world leaders as well as business figures. Pavla Holcová of the website Investigace.cz, currently analysing the data, told Czech Radio that Czechs with links included solar business figures and people in IT. Top businessmen Petr Kellner and Daniel Křetinský as well, eBanka, were among those listed, she confirmed. Analysts have said they do not expect an impact on the Czech political scene unless shady political connections are revealed.

Author: Jan Velinger