A Czech cooking appliance- The Remoska


A household appliance found in almost every Czech Granny's kitchen is the Remoska. Much like a hot plate, the Remoska is used to bake, fry, re-heat and sauté. It has been popular here in the Czech Republic for over fifty years. In 1999, it was re-marketed after 40 years of state ownership by two Czechs who have just started exporting it to Britain, with unexpected success. The story of how the Remoska got to Britain is an intriguing one. Radio Prague's Nicole Klement has more....

Amazingly a fifty-year-old Czech appliance seems to have hit the British gastronomical world by storm. The Remoska is a very simple pan with a base of Teflon-coated aluminum. The secret to its success is that it's the lid that does the cooking- much like a mini oven. Remoska has been promoted in Britain by Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines who explains her role in introducing the Czech cooker to Britain.

"Well, I was in Prague last summer. I have a cousin living in Prague and I said to her - "look, instead of sending yet another Christmas parcel, how about telling me what you need?" And she said - " Well, I've been using my mothers 40 year old Remoska and I could really do with a new one." And so, we bought the large size and Helen took it home and I kept the leaflet, came back to England and looked at it and thought to myself- this is interesting, I wonder why no one has ever used it over here? So I phoned and a gentlemen picked up the phone and I said - "Now, you don't know who I am ( I was talking to him in Czech)." And I said - "Why has the Remoska never been sold in England?" And his first words to me were "Lady, your an angel from heaven." And that's how the Remoska found its way to England."

Since it's arrival in Britain it seems the Remoska has won an award.

"Well what happened is, the Good Houskeeping magazine has started an award called the innovative award of the year. They asked their readers to send in something which they thought was the best thing since sliced bread in the last twelve months. Every year they get hundreds of gadgets that are sent in with descriptions. They test them all out and when the lady from Stockport sent and talked to them about the Remoska and they tested it out - WOW. It became one of the six items they reckon is one of the most innovative things of the year. Which has been used by every grandma in the Czech republic since the 1950s. And had never been disovered until now."

Radio Prague also spoke with Ivo Svoboda, the business director of marketing and international contacts at the company- Remoska sro.

"I think that nobody expected such a big success in the British market and we must greatly thank Lady Milena. She help us find good partners which is the main step toward our success in Britain - this connection between our company and Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines."

Author: Nicole Klement
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