80s retro project Nightwork lands three annual Anděl music awards

Nightwork, photo: CTK

The Czech annual Anděl music awards for 2010 were handed out on Wednesday. Three prizes went to the band Nightwork which parodies the 1980s. The Anděl awards highlighted some interesting music endeavours in 2010 but critics say they fail to reflect what’s really progressive in Czech pop music.

Nightwork, photo: CTK
The song Tepláky, or Tracksuit, by the band Nightwork, won the annual Anděl award for best music video. The band also landed the award for best band and best album. Nightwork on 1980s aesthetics, exploiting and parodying the clichés in music and lyrics popular at the time.

The award for best male singer went to David Koller while singer Lucie Bílá won the award for best female singer, both veterans of the Czech music scene.

Lucie Bílá, photo: CTK
The Anděl awards are voted on by the Czech Academy of Popular Music composed of 130 professionals of the music industry. But critics say they have failed to reflect what’s really happening in Czech music. Tomáš Turek is the music director of Radio Wave, a Czech Radio station for young listeners.

“I think the most interesting thing is that there was nothing interesting, nothing new, even though there are these bands like Nightwork and others. But there was nothing that would really represent what’s current and relevant in contemporary Czech music.”

Mr Turek says Nightwork’s appeal is in its humour, and the lack of any deeper and more serious motifs. In his opinion, it’s easy-listening music more than anything else.

Republic of Two
The Anděl award for best new artist went to the band Republic of Two. The melancholic duo of indie singers-songwriters released last year their debut album Raising the Flag. The annual music awards have been handed out under different names since 1991. But critics including Radio Wave’s Tomáš Turek believe the awards fail to reflect not only the best in Czech pop but also the changing environment of the music industry.

“Many journalists are putting their heads together to create new music awards that would really follow the interesting stuff. Most Czechs who are interested in music don’t really care about Anděl because it only represents a few business people who try to make money on something that doesn’t work any more.”