58 percent of Czechs believe Václav Havel was best president of Czech Republic

Václav Havel was the best president in the history of the post-1993 independent Czech state, according to a newly released survey conducted by the agency STEM/MARK. Havel was the best according to 58 percent of the respondents, followed by his successor Václav Klaus whom 13 percent of respondents placed on the top.

The current head of state, Miloš Zeman, was actually placed as first by a higher percentage of respondents than Klaus, 16 percent. However, Klaus was ranked second by an overwhelmingly higher nimber of respondents - 53 percent. Meanwhile, Miloš Zeman was seen as the worst president of the republic by more than 50 percent of those who answered the survey.

Václav Havel came in first among all socio-economic groups. Václav Klaus saw the highest amount of support among respondents who are voters of centre-right parties and among the 45-59 age group.

Author: Tom McEnchroe