35 years after their first show, rock band Lucie plans major tour

Lucie, photo: Czech Television

One of the most popular Czech bands of all time, Lucie, first performed 35 years ago as part of the ZK ROH Motorlet music contest. Since then the four rockers have created several bestselling hits which are not just played on radios, but also but Czech campers by the evening fire.

This autumn, the band is planning to go on tour again. Titled “Lucie v Opeře Tour“ (Lucie in the Opera Tour), the four rockers will team up with conductor and Czech Lion award holder Krystof Marek, who has created a new symphonic arangament specially for the upcoming show. Fans can look forward to a two hour show where Lucie will be performing their songs in this new style together with a choir and the Hradec Kralove Philharmony.

Lucie is made up of drummer and singer David Koller, singer-guitarist Robert Kodym, bassguitarist Petr Břetislav Chovanec (known under the amalgamation P.B.Ch. and keyboard player Michal Dvorak. The band started forming in 1985 and released their first single three years later. Lucie broke up in the beginning of the 2000s and it took 16 years before the four musicians got back together and released a new album called Evolucie.