2015 - 98th Segment: “A Stranger in your Country”

Photo: Universal Music

In this series we present 100 songs which have gone down in the history of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. On Czech Radio’s web pages you can find a poll, in which you can vote for the best hit from the past century. We continue with the year 2015.

On February 24th, a man named Zdeněk Kovář shot eight people in a restaurant in Uherský Brod, one of whom was heavily injured. The shooter then committed suicide.

On September 19th, after eight years of construction, the Blanka tunnel complex in Prague was put into operation.

On March 28th, the Czech cinematographer, Miroslav Ondříček, passed away.

When the present day contest called Czechtalent premiered in 1996, under the name Zlíntalent, no one knew it would still reveal new musical talents twenty years later. This was more than just a show. It was an effort to appreciate talented young musicians and singers. Past winners include Dasha, Markéta Foukalová, Marketa Poulíčková, Viktoria Matušovová, Aneta Šrolerová and of course the 2007 winner, Tomáš Klus.

Photo: Universal Music
In 2014, Slovakian born Mirka Miškechová made a big impression at the Czechtalent festival with her performance which was clearly bursting with fresh humor. The Czech songwriter Xindl X soon asked Mirka to be the opening act on his tour. Upon return from one of their concerts he told her that he would like to collaborate on a song. That is how “A Stranger in your Country” came to be. Mirka wrote the Slovak part of the text. The Czech text and the music were written by Xindl X.

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