In 2012 some Czechs took loans for home appliances… but also less traditional items

The Czech news agency has reported that Czechs who took small loans in 2012 did so most often to buy electronic home appliances such as TVs and fridges but also more surprising items such as lottery tickets or funeral wreathes. Some took loans to pay off hospital fees. The marketing director of one lending firm told ČTK that clients were free to use loans as they wished but sometimes offered up personal information: one client, apparently a diehard hockey fan, explained he needed money to buy a television during the Ice Hockey World Championship, while another person calling the client centre explained that unless she received a loan she would be unable to pay for new dentures and would remain toothless. One person took a loan for lottery tickets after having had an “unusually vivid dream” in which he apparently “won” millions.

Author: Jan Velinger