2009 – 92st Segment: “Assassination”

Photo: Parlophone

In this series we present 100 songs which have gone down in the history of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. On Czech Radio’s web pages you can find a poll, in which you can vote for the best hit from the past century. We continue with the year 2009.

In the first half of the year the Czech Republic held the rotating presidency of the European Union.

On May 8th, the Chamber of Deputies declared a no confidence vote in Mirek Topolánek’s government. A caretaker administration headed by Jan Fischer was appointed in its place.

On May 30th, the first Golden Nightingale winner, Waldemar Matuška, passed away.

On November 3rd, President Klaus signed the Lisbon Treaty.

The hit of 2009 Atentát or “Assassination” received the Angel Award from the Czech Academy of Popular Music. The song was recorded by Kryštof, one of the most popular Czech bands. The group’s frontman, Richard Krajčo, was also a well-known Czech actor and a member of the National Theater in Prague.

Photo: Parlophone
That year Kryštof released the album “Best of/Poločas,” featuring hits from their earlier years and a few new songs. One of these was “Assassination” written by Richard Krajčo, Evžen Hoffman and Tomáš Roreček. The song became well-known in the Czech Republic also because it was featured in the popular film comedy Bobule or “Grapes.”

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