2008 regional studies cautioned against subsidies for controversial Stork’s Nest

Reports prepared for the Central Bohemian subsidies authority a decade ago highlighted risks connected with supporting the Stork’s Nest project, iRozhlas.cz reported on Monday. The prime minister in resignation, ANO leader Andrej Babiš, is facing charges of abusing subsidies in connection with Stork’s Nest.

The 2008 studies said that some items in the construction project’s budget were overpriced and that the applicant was unclear, concluding that providing support for it would not be appropriate.

Mr. Babiš and ANO party colleague Jaroslav Faltýnek are accused of wrongly acquiring CZK 50 million in European Union subsidies in connection with Stork’s Nest. They say the charges are politically motivated.

Author: Ian Willoughby