1928 – 11th segment: Boys from Zborov (Hoši od Zborova)

Today in the series 100 Hits of the Republic we are stepping into the second decade. Nevertheless, on our web page you can still vote for which of the songs from the years 1918 to 1927 you liked the best. Now let's go to the year 1928.


The second Winter Olympics to ever take place began on February 11th in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

On February 25th, the world’s oldest club of owners of the American Harley-Davidson motorcycles was founded – the Harley-Davidson Club Prague.

On May 26th, the newly built Brno Exhibition Centre was opened.

On August 12th, the world-renowned composer Leoš Janáček passed away.

The Czechoslovak Republic is celebrating its tenth birthday. Thanks to this anniversary, many people realize that it is time to remember and honor those who have fought for freedom and those who even laid down their lives as members of the Czechoslovak legions. Today's hit will take us back to 1917 with its story.

The former Russian empire had a severe crisis at the end of the first world war. That summer, the ill-prepared Russian offensive was faced by a newly formed brigade of Czechoslovak legionnaires. In the famous Battle of Zborov, which took place in the first two days of July, three and a half thousand Czechoslovaks stood against five and a half thousand on the other side. They fought heroically. Even before the battle that took place near the Ukrainian village of Zborov, two men who would later become important Czechoslovak generals, Jan Syrový (who lost an eye) and Otakar Husák, were seriously injured during the artillery preparation.

Two Czechoslovak presidents are also associated with the battle. While T. G. Masaryk watched the battle from St. Petersburg with the help of telegrams and war bulletins, Ludvík Svoboda participated in the field as a legionnaire.

There is so much history, and to it belongs the commemorative composition created in 1928 by Karel Hašler Boys from Zborov. What is interesting about this song is that it was not allowed to be played during the Nazi occupation or when the Communist regime ruled in Czechoslovakia. The famous history of Czechoslovakia’s legionaries was distasteful to the representatives of totalitarian states (it did not suit them). Fortunately for us, it is once again allowed and therefore that much more appealing. This is it.

Karel Hašler: Hoši od Zborova, sung by Karel Hašler