1924 - When My Darling Does Not Want to Like Me

Karel Hašler, photo: Czech Television

Vote in the big poll of one hundred hits of the Republic and select the biggest hit, on our website www.radio.cz. We continue with the year 1924. And for the third time we meet the phenomenal Czech artist Karel Hašler, the incredibly active author of songs, chansons and couplets which were critically important not only in the 1920s.

Karel Hašler, photo: Czech Television
It was Hašler, whose personality was characterized by a close relation between his own creative work and its immediate translation to a wide public audience.

On January 21st, Vladimir Ilyich Uljanov, or Lenin, died near Moscow.

January 29th the connection is established between six Moravian towns and villages in Moravská Ostrava, forming the "Big Ostrava".

André Breton released the Surrealist Manifesto.

It was a time when he had the chance to establish himself as the author who interpreted his own songs. Hašler was thrilled by new ideas, he was happy to arrange his own songs, and a he found a permanent personal attraction by simply being an interpreter of his own work.

In 1924 he found success with a furiously defiant song "When My Darling Does Not Want to Like Me". The song became genuinely popular. A number of singers still include it in their performances.

K. Hašler: Když mě má panenka nechce ráda mít

When my darling does not want to like me,
I won’t go and drown myself of course,
I’ll tilt my hat to the side,
I’ll look for another one,
I won’t be angry at everyone.