1,241 Covid-19 cases recorded in Prague on Friday, fewest this week

Labs in Prague detected 1,241 cases of coronavirus infection on Friday, the fewest so far this week. However, the infection rate in the Czech capital remains at the highest level since March, with 17,434 cases, Ministry of Health data show.

Nationwide on Friday, there were 13,029 confirmed new cases of Covid-19, about 1,800 fewer than the day before. Some 132,725 people in the country currently have the virus, a record high to date.

In the first seven days of January, 70 people died of Covid-19 in Prague, including 16 on Friday. The capital recorded record numbers of newly infected at the end of 2020. On December 29, hygienists registered over 2,000 new cases in the capital for the first time, and on January 5, Prague recorded a new high of 2,056 positive tests.

Author: Brian Kenety