100 HITS OF THE REPUBLIC 1985–68th Segment: “Bells of Happiness”

Photo: Polydor

The hit of 1985 was a duet sung in two languages written by Zdeňek Rytíř and entitled “Bells of Happiness” (“Zvonky štěstí”). The popularity of Slovak artists in the Czech lands lasted throughout the 1980s. Besides the group Elán and Miroslav Žbirka, Czech audiences were also won over by the child star Darinka Rolincová.

On May 3rd Czechoslovak won the World Ice Hockey Championships in Prague.

On the same day, the first unit of the Dukovany nuclear power plant was put into operation.

From the 27th to 30th of June, the last mass Spartakiad, a mass gymnastic event, took place at Strahov Stadium in Prague.

The idea of having Karel Gott sing a duet with Rolincová, who was 12, came from director Jaromír Vašta.

Photo: Polydor
The duet penned for Karel Gott and Darinka Rolincová had a traditional structure. The Czech lands were represented by the older male voice and Slovakia by the female child singer. The hit “Bells of Happiness” also found its way into the hearts of German fans under the name “Fang das Licht” .

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