1 0 0 HITS OF THE REPUBLIC 1982 – 65th Segment: “The Girls from Our Kindergarten”

Photo: Supraphon

Today we come to the year 1982.

On February 20th, the British, French and U.S. government representatives handed over more than eighteen tons of Czechoslovak monetary gold stolen by the Nazis to representatives of the Czechoslovak government.

Football goalie Petr Čech was born May 20th.

On October 1st, Helmut Kohl became Chancellor of Germany.

Slovak singers were very popular in Czechoslovakia in the eighties. Some examples are Marika Gombitová, Miroslav Žbirka, Peter Nagy and the band Elán, which won awards based on popularity polls. There was something unprecedented about them and their hit song, which struck the domestic music scene with the force of a lightning bolt.

On April 14th, 1982, a song written by Karel Vágner and Pavel Žák was recorded, called “The Girls from Our Kindergarten.” It was sung by Stanislav Hložek and Petr Kotvald, who until then were known only as back-up singers and dancers alongside the star of Czech pop-music, Hana Zagorová.

Photo: Supraphon
The media went mad for this song containing a long list of girls’ names and descriptions of love spanning from kindergarten to university. Back then every child knew the song, whether they loved it or hated it. Many families bought second and even the third copies of the record when their first copies became worn out on the questionable Czech gramophones. The recording has since been released on many different mediums and to this day it remains as the best-selling song in Czechoslovak history.

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