1 0 0 HITS OF THE REPUBLIC 1981 - 64th Segment: “In the Shadow of the Fern”

Jana Kratochvílová, photo: Supraphon

Let’s continue with 1981.

On April 2nd, the Prague Congress Center was opened, its construction had lasted five years.

Singer Tina Turner first appeared in the Prague Lucerna Palace.

On May 13th, an unsuccessful assassination of Pope John Paul II took place. The pope was wounded and the Mehmed Ali Ağca was arrested.

On July 29th, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married in London.

Even in 1981, many of the hits adopted from foreign sources went on to dominate radio, television and concert halls. That year also marked the Czech era of rhythmic Jamaican reggae, performed by the singer Jana Kratochvílová, the Yo Yo Band and many others. Although Jana Kratochvílová‘s appearance was somewhat eccentric for a totalitarian society, she did not enjoy the exaggerated attention of mass media. Few people remember that she started her career with Jiří Brabec and his Country Beat group, instead they remember her concerts with the band Heval, which attracted large audiences.

Jana Kratochvílová, photo: Supraphon
The most famous recordings of 1981 included Jana Kratochvílová’s own song accompanied by text written by Pavel Vrba, “In the Shadow of the Fern.” Her unusual singing and occasional raspiness influenced and inspired some future singers.

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