1 0 0 HITS OF THE REPUBLIC 1979 – 62nd Segment: “Until…”

Katapult, photo: Bigbít / ČT

This brings us to the year 1979. A distinct contradiction emerged on the world stage of popular music at the end of the 1970’s. On the one hand there were spectacular projects with wonderful texts and, on the other hand, a new generation of listeners and their everyday problems. This contradiction led to the development of simple discotheque music and it was the rise of the punk movement – resulting in a new wave of rock and pop music.

In April, daylight saving time was introduced in Czechoslovakia.

On September 20th, the former President of Czechoslovakia, army General Ludvík Svoboda, died following a long illness.

On December 4th, Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan.

In Iran, the Shah was dethroned in a revolution in which supporters of Islam led by Ayatollah Khomeini were brought to power.

Czech disco clubs at the time mostly played Czech punk and foreign hits. This new wave of music was completely outside of the professional norm. The change in Czech popular music highlighted the differences between aging consumers and the ambitious jazz or art rock movements.

Katapult, photo: Czech Television
There was especially high demand for this new style of music from high school youth, leading to the rise of a band specializing in simple hard rock songs, Katapult. This group started in Pilsen with the song “Until…,” whose refrain went, “What about the children, do they have a place to play?”

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