Zeman to honour Fleet Sheet publisher Erik Best for OKD commentary

President Miloš Zeman will reportedly present a state award to American publisher Erik Best for his critical commentary on the privatisation of the mining company OKD and entrepreneur Zdeněk Bakala, who later gained control over it.

Mr Best is publisher of the daily Fleet Sheet press review and writes a column called the Final Word. He will receive the honour on 28 October, the centenary of Czechoslovakia’s founding, according to Deník N.

OKD, now in bankruptcy, was sold by the state to the company Karbon Invest for a price critics say was far below the market value. Mr. Bakala’s RPG Industries purchased Karbon Invest just a few months later.

In August, a lower house commission investigating the controversial privatisation of OKD asked the police to intervene after Bakala ignored a summons to give testimony.

Author: Brian Kenety