Zeman expreses doubt that Social Democrat nominee will become Culture Minister

In an interview published in Mladá fronta Dnes, President Miloš Zeman expressed serious doubt about whether Michal Šmarda will replace the current Culture Minister Antonín Staněk. Mr. Šmarda was officially proposed by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, but he is a nominee of the Social Democrats, who stress their coalition treaty right to have five ministers in the cabinet. They have threatened to resign from government if the change does not go ahead. President Zeman, went on to say that even if the party were to exit the coalition, he does not expect Andrej Babiš’s government to fall. Instead he said it would only lead to a cabinet reshuffle, with the government being supported by the Freedom and Direct Democracy party.

The president’s plan is now to reconcile the current culture minister with Social Democrat leader Jan Hamáček by hosting a meeting between them in his Lány country residence on July 12.

Author: Tom McEnchroe