Zeman dismisses speculation about whether he wants a caretaker government as "absolute lie“

Speculation about whether the head of state is considering setting up a caretaker government led by ČEZ Director Daniel Beneš is an "absolute lie", President Miloš Zeman told news site Parlamentní listy in an interview published on Wednesday. He said he will not be making any decisions in that regard.

The president was responding to an article written by established investigative reporter Janek Kroupa and journalist Václav Dolejší, published on the news site Seznam Zprávy last week, which cited information gathered from sources close to the president and prime minister. In the article, the two journalists write that the two political leaders had discussed a wide-ranging government reshuffle, in which Mr. Babiš would remain as prime minister, two weeks ago. Other sources mentioned in the article stated that Mr. Zeman could name his friend and ČEZ director, Daniel Beneš, as the prime minister of a caretaker government.

Author: Tom McEnchroe