Union of Freedom Fighters warns of rebirth of neo-Nazism and antisemitism

Europe is facing a new threat in the rebirth of neo-Nazism and fascism, the chairman of the Czech Union of Freedom Fighters Jaroslav Vodička said at a gathering of war veterans organized on the occasion of Czechoslovak Independence Day.

Vodička pointed to growing antisemitism in Europe, saying the society must remain vigilant in order to prevent history repeating itself. The fight against fascism, neo-Nazism and other forms of discrimination is a challenge we face in the present day as well, Vodička said.

The Czech Union of Freedom Fighters comprises World War II freedom fighters, their family members and supporters. It has faced criticism over the fact that members served the pre-1989 security services.

The union’s chairman caused an outcry last year when he presented a medal of merit to Communist Party MP Zdeněk Ondráček, who beat up demonstrators while a member of a Communist riot squad in 1989.