Under fire DPP head accuses board of bowing to political interference

The sacked head of the Prague Public Transit Company, or DPP, which manages the city’s transport network, has accused politicians of trying to interfere in the way it is managed. Vladimír Lich was unexpectedly sacked from his post as chairman of the board of directors on Wednesday and made the comments in an interview with Mladá Front Dnes on Thursday. The DPP held an extraordinary General Meeting the same day to discuss the future of Lich, deciding to also strip him of his post as managing director. Lich was targeted after filing lawsuits targeting former tenders signed by the DPP, arguing that they may have been closed on unfavourable terms to the company. The board voted for Wednesday’s removal in an 8-15 decision with two Civic Democrats and five members of TOP09 as well as one independent member supporting the move. The Thursday sacking came via a 3-5 vote. The board’s members have denied there is a connection between Lich’s actions and the firing. Reacting to the dismissal, Prague’s mayor Bohuslav Sobotka described it as an attack on principles and pledged to try to reform the existing DPP board, replacing those who had voted in favour of removing Lich. Former manager Magdalena Češková has been named as Lich’s replacement.

Author: Dominik Jůn