Ukraine foreign minister urges Czech parliament to recognise Holodomor as “genocide”

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vadym Prystaiko has called on the Czech Parliament to recognize the Holodomor – a man-made starvation of Soviet Ukraine in the 1930s that killed millions of people – as an act of “genocide”.

Prystaiko’s call, which he announced on Twitter, came following a working visit to the Czech Republic on Tuesday, for the first session of the Ukrainian-Czech Forum, opened by the Czech foreign minister Tomáš Petřiček (Social Democrats).

The Holodomor was part of the wider Soviet famine of 1932–33, which affected the major grain-producing areas of the country. Since 2006, it has been recognized by Ukraine and 15 other countries as a genocide carried out by the Soviet government under Stalin.

In a related development, foreign ministers Petřiček and Prystaiko on Tuesday signed a memorandum on the collaboration of the Czech and Ukrainian national historical archives.

Author: Brian Kenety