Uherský Brod council receiving donations and offers of help for victims of deadly shooting

The local authority in the Eastern Moravian town where eight people were killed in a pub shooting on Tuesday say they have received numerous offers of help from people in the Czech Republic and abroad. To date around CZK 35,000 has been donated to a public collection for the families of victims of the deadly incident in Uherský Brod, while cash donations have also been handed in. On Wednesday the town council voted to make CZK 500,000 available to the families. However, the deputy mayor of Uherský Brod, Jan Hrdý, said police had still not released a list of the names of those killed, who ranged in age from 27 and 66. A local man aged 63 took his own life after reportedly opening fire indiscriminately at patrons in the Družba pub on Tuesday afternoon.

Author: Ian Willoughby