Trial resumes over decade-old Studénka train disaster that left 8 dead, 95 injured

Over a decade since one of the worst railway accidents in Czech history, the attempt to bring those responsible for the tragedy to justice is back at square one, the news site reports.

In August 2008, a bridge undergoing reconstruction in Studénka, northern Moravia, collapsed onto railway tracks minutes before an international express train ploughed into the debris. Eight people died in the accident and 95 passengers were injured, some partly handicapped for life.

On Monday, only four of the ten defendants – absolved of guilt in an early trial – were in attendance. The appeals court hearing began with lawyers objecting strongly to the presiding judge calling for testimony from experts, as a wide range of opinions as to the cause have already been heard.

Earlier judges ruled there was insufficient proof to hold any of the defendants responsible for the tragedy through negligence or otherwise.

Author: Brian Kenety