Třebíč to donate medical equipment to Chinese sister city Yichang

The Moravian town of Třebíč has been asked by its partner city of Yichang, where hundreds are infected with the Wuhan coronavirus, for aid in medical materials, Czech Television reports. Třebíč and the surrounding Vysočina Region have promised to set aside CZK 100,000 for the purchases.

Town mayor Pavel Pacal says that the raised money can be used to buy some 100,000 facemasks, 150 lab coats, several kilometres of disinfected bedspreads, as well as latex gloves and shoe covers. He told Czech Television on Wednesday that these should be assembled by February 10 and will then be immediately sent to China. Apparently some local citizens have also expressed that they intend to contribute.

Třebíč has been a partner city of Yichang since 2015. Since then, students from both sides have taken part in visitation trips and some local firms have established business ties.

Author: Tom McEnchroe