Tourism sector to get CZK 500 million in COVID funding

The government has agreed to allocate CZK 500 million in support of the tourism sector within the economy, Regional Development Minister Klára Dostálová announced on Monday. The funds will come from Ms. Dostálová’s ministry and will be made available to travel agencies and guides.

Travel agencies will be able to receive CZK 500 for every cancelled trip purchased after December 1, 2019. However, it is so far unclear whether this is the amount per person, or for the whole event. Eligibility for support is also granted to those agencies that could not realise trips to spas, which had to be closed during lockdown.

Agencies focusing on domestic tourism will be eligible for CZK 50,000 in funding. This amount will also be available to guides, under the condition that they offer at least 10 hours of labour to education services administered by the state, or if they undertake a re-skilling programme.

Author: Tom McEnchroe